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Act! Premium Cloud

What is Act! Premium Cloud and how is it different than traditional Act! hosting?

With Act! Premium Cloud you get everything wrapped into one package – hosting, subscription licensing, support, emarketing, and video training. Act! Premium Cloud includes on-demand access to the #1 best-selling Contact and Customer Manager in a secure Cloud environment, plus additional included benefits like exclusive video training, automatic updates & upgrades, and nightly backups for a worry-free experience.

How much does Act! Premium Cloud cost?

Act! Premium Cloud is available as a convenient pay-as-you-go annual subscription.

ACT! Premium Cloud Annual Subscription
Seats Annual Per User
1-4 $360.00USD
5-19 $342.00USD
20-49 $324.00USD
50-99 $306.00USD
100+ Call for pricing


What is included with Act! Premium Cloud?
  • Act! Premium, the #1 best-selling Contact and Customer Manager
  • Act! Premium Mobile – HTML5-based mobile client
  • Automatic Act! Premium software updates and upgrades
  • Expert technical support from Swiftpage
  • User account setup and maintenance
  • 24×7 system monitoring and nightly backups
  • One conversion of an existing Act! database
  • One deployment of a Windows client database
What is the contract period for Act! Premium Cloud?
  • Annual
What is the Offline Client?

Offline access is a complete copy of the customer’s Act! Premium Cloud database installed locally on the user’s computer, to give access to Act! Premium when a connection to the web is unavailable. The offline client database is pre-programmed and set to synchronize changes to the master database that we host when the user is connected to the internet. It also gives the customer the ability to update user settings and customize reports. Offline client databases can be set to automatically synchronize changes between the master database as frequently as every one hour. Installation of Act! Premium software and remote copy of the master database is required for offline client users.  Use of Act! Premium software is included with the subscription.
How does the customer subscribe and get started?

  1. Get Started: Visit buy.actcrm.ca to purchase online, or call an Act! Account Representative at (800) 857-0558 for a quote.
  2. Upload Your Database: After purchase, you will receive a set of emails with details on how to upload your database and log in to your new Act! Premium Cloud account.
  3. Access: Login from your computer via Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, or Chrome®, or from your iPad®, iPhone®, or Android™ device.
Additional questions…
  • How long does it take to setup?
    Orders are typically processed and setup is available within 1 business day.
  • How does the customer get support?
    Subscription to Act! Premium Cloud includes free, unlimited access to training videos online. The Act! Premium Cloud Library is a collection of online training videos that teach basic Act! Premium tasks. These videos are recorded so they’re available whenever you have the time and access to the internet. Additionally, the Act! Knowledgebase has links to videos and other educational information.
  • Can existing Act! data be converted?
    Yes! As part of your onboarding process, we will help you convert your Act! database(s) and/or other file types (such as .csv or .xis). You are also able to import contacts at any point.
  • Are there differences in functionality between Act! Premium Cloud (web users) and the Offline Client?
    Yes- please view KB #37914 or here for full details!
  • Is Act! Premium Cloud secure?
    Yes. All servers are monitored 24/7 in a Tier 3 Data Centre and are protected with SSL certificates. Customer data is backed up nightly and maintained for 14 days.
  • How can customers access Act! Premium Cloud?
    Each customer will receive an email containing a web link to access Act! Premium Cloud after completing the Act! user information. Act! Premium Cloud can then be accessed via web browser using a computer or supported mobile devices. View compatibility requirements here.
  • When can a customer add or remove users?
    A customer can add users at any time during their subscription. At this time, users may only be added over the phone. A customer can remove users at any time (over the phone) as well, but no refunds will be provided and the customer will not see a change in their statement until the next billing cycle (next annual statement if annual). Learn more about adding users Here
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Customers may cancel annual services at any time, but please note there are no refunds for partial unused service. Review our Subscription Membership details here. Access to Act! will be revoked immediately upon cancellation.
  • What happens to the customer’s data if they cancel?
    If cancelled, access to Act! (for all users) will be turned off. A backup copy will be sent to the primary account holder with 10 business days, or sooner upong request.